Every once in a while, people travel and check in to hotels. May it be for an important business meeting, holiday vacation, or simply just a weekend trip.  The first thing I love when I check in to a hotel or a resort is their fabulous rooms. I don't know if it is just me but I could spend a whole day enjoying my stay inside the beautiful comfy room. Most specially when it has an amazingly designed bathroom. Relaxing in the tub would be an escape like a feeling of heaven from the busy life. 

I have always been fascinated with the different bathroom collections installed in hotels and resorts. With their extravagant and sophisticated theme that goes from the bathroom floor tiles to the wall lamps; and from awesome bathroom nz accessories to beautiful rain showers. The whole bathroom experience just gives a feeling of envy that makes me think about doing some renovations at home every time.

When you think of doing some home bathroom renovations or installing upgrades for your shower accessories, the best thing to do is look for ideas online. Thanks to the internet, you can search just about anything related to bathrooms and see different top brands of wonderful collections available in the market.  To learn more bathroom designs, you can visit

One great example of a home hardware store I stumbled online is the Robertson store which is located in New Zealand. This store's specialty is in bathware and they have been selling quality bathroom products and accessories from the biggest brands since 1987. With just a simple visit on their website, you can see all the different showers nz accessories that you can use to upgrade your home bathroom. They stock leading brands of innovative bathroom products and accessories including toilets, sinks, showers, baths, even bathroom icons, and the list just goes on and on. Over the years of working with their customers they have delivered high-end bathrooms in the latest styles. And on top of that, they even have a team of consultants on hand to give expert advice on bathroom design ideas.

The best thing I like about the Robertson store's website is the gallery page that shows off different bathroom design collections which is exactly what your local home-grown architect needs to get ideas from. Their different spectacular bathroom designs just lead me to give off sighs of awe and fascination seeing each of their photos. Just check out their site now and you will see just exactly what I mean.